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Let’s Explore

The phrase that comes to mind is write about what bothers you. To me, this means examining when my feelings tell me something is off. Looking deeper at ideas and ideologies that don’t fit in my brain. And then writing.

Lots of things bother me. Misplaced commas, crooked picture frames, and bad music bother me. Light when I want to sleep, people honking in traffic, and being disrespected bother me. I am very bothered by irritating noises, and I cannot stand when someone chews with their mouth open. But I suspect these things bother many people.

What bothers me particularly? I’m bothered when the church seems false or I feel manipulated in worship. I am bothered when women are mentioned only in how God uses sinful people and non-Jewish people, not in how God uses all the unexpected people, including women just because they are women. I am bothered by people who say it is a sin for me to be leading anything church-involved, and I am very bothered by women being silenced by a church acting on archaic words taken out of context. When people pick and chose what to apply from the Bible, but fail to examine their criterion for choosing, I am bothered. It bothers me when people say depression only happens because you are sinning. It bothers me when Christians claim to have all the answers, but the answers they offer are hopeless and hate-filled.

Sometimes, the labels applied to what I believe, and the people representing my faith bother me. Oftentimes, it’s other people’s reaction to the labels I embrace that bother me.

So here I am going to examine what bothers me. I’m going to quote people and cite other bloggers, and I am probably going to change my opinion. I’m going to explore what labels like ‘Christian,’ ‘evangelical,’ ‘feminist,’ and ‘conservative’ even mean to me. And what they might mean to you. I am hoping to find some answers: why these things bother me, what we can do to fix them, or how I need to change in relationship to what I am learning. And I hope you will help me along this journey. Learn with me as we go. I want to hear your questions. I want to know what you think about my questions. I covet your prayers. I want to find out what bothers you so we can look at that together.

So let’s go exploring, shall we?


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