Singing for Freedom

This week, Paul was preaching about grace and it was awesome. I know I spend so much time thinking I can get things right myself, that I can be perfect on my own, and that when it all falls down, I have totally failed. And while I do fail at running my own life, it’s not because God expects that from me.

Instead of preaching a gospel of “do- Christianity-better,” TCAL preaches grace and freedom: grace, goodness and salvation freely given from God to people who don’t deserve it, and freedom, from the ways of the world, from the treadmill of self-improvement, from emptiness, and chains. It’s awesome.

I’ll be talking a lot more about this freedom and what it means to me personally and theologically, but for today, I just want to celebrate. So celebrate with me! We are free!

Free from failure.

Free from unfair expectations.

Free from having to fix it ourselves.

The list goes on and on, but I also want to celebrate with a song:


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